Male impotence and infertility are two completely different medical conditions. While infertility risks your ability to be a father, impotency has no effect on your sperm count and can be treated with medication. You can easily order Kamagra pills at an online store and get treated for your condition in a comfortable setting like your own house.

What is impotence?

Impotency, also referred to as an erectile dysfunction (ED), is a term used to describe a man’s inability to attain or maintain an erection. An erection results from the coordination of the cardiovascular and nervous system to sensitize the male external genitalia.

ED is thus caused by factors that affect the male genital organ’s sensations. It can result from various lifestyle and health conditions or from the action of other medications. Although these are the usual etiologies, impotence in a surprisingly high percentage of men is also known to be psychological. In these cases, the inability to sustain an erection is due to past mental stress or anxiety episodes. It can thus be overcome without medication.

There are no formal clinical assessments or criteria for this very disorder; a number of tests can be taken to confirm the underlying causes.

  • Blood tests
  • Urinalysis
  • Ultrasound
  • Psychological examinations

How does it affect sexual intercourse?

Physical issues:
Impotence doesn’t affect a man’s physical ability of sperm production or semen ejaculation. The symptoms of the underlying causes like diabetes or nerve disorders may prevail. However, the major concern with impotence is that the inability to develop or keep an erection to complete sexual intercourse greatly reduces the female partner’s chances of conception.

Impact on the mind:
A direct impact of ED is a lowered confidence of the patient. This, if untreated, can also lead to a lowered libido which will further affect a person’s sexual relations adversely. The male may be afraid to approach new sexual partners. This condition is also capable of causing a person chronic rage or depression owing to the loss.

The stress from ED is not restricted to the male alone. The partner may also feel unattractive or insecure.

How does Kamagra work to solve this?

Kamagra tablets contain a chemical component called Sildenafil citrate. This substance enhances blood flow to the male genitalia along with sexual stimulation to aid an erection.

The route of administration is oral. It is to be taken along with water and is expected to show results in about an hour. Anything that can clog your arteries like a high-fat meal or smoking and alcohol intake should be shunned for better results.

The key perks of this medication are:

Kamagra need not be used in case of a psychological ED. Its dosage and effectiveness further depend on your medical history and lifestyle.

Erectile Dysfunction Generic Viagra

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a condition in men which adversely affects the ability to obtain a hard penile erection. There are several emotional and physical factors which contribute to the causes of impotence.

However, impotence is a treatable disease. If you buy generic viagra 100mg online, you can easily help solve ED related issues.


It has been found that people who are educated about impotence are less likely to face ED and related issues as they comprehend its importance and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We help you understand the common causes of impotence in men. Following are the reasons which can perchance result in erectile dysfunction in men.

1. Endocrine Diseases

Endocrine system in the body makes hormones which manage sexual function, metabolism, reproduction. It also manages mood and many other things.

Many diabetic patients have experienced erectile dysfunction issues in extreme cases. Diabetes is an endocrine disease which affects nerve damage which results in an adverse effect on the penis sensations. Most importantly, Body’s ability to put hormone insulin to use gets affected due to diabetes. The other factors contributing impotence are impaired blood flow and hormone levels which are a result of diabetic complications.

2.Neurological Disorders

Disorder connecting brain, spine and the nerves are examples of neurological disorders including brain tumor, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke while temporal lobe epilepsy and Parkinson’s diseases in the less familiar ones. Such diseases increases add up the risks for ED issues. Neurological complications create hindrance in the communication of brain and reproductive system which prevents the patient from gaining a hard erection.

Temporary impotence may found in bicycle riders who continuously ride for long distances. This happens due to repeated pressure on the buttocks and genitals which affect the functioning of nerves.

3. Taking Medications

Undergoing several medications affects blood flow which may cause erectile dysfunction. However, a patient shouldn’t stop the medication dosages without doctor’s consent.

4. Cardiac-Related Conditions

If the penile is lacking the required blood flow, the person can fail to achieve an erection.Therefore, the heart-related diseases or complications which affect blood pumping can lead to ED.

Atherosclerosis is a condition clog the blood vessels in the body resulting in impotence. High blood pressure or high cholesterol can also bring about ED problems.

5. Lifestyle Factors and Emotional Disorders

A hard erection predominantly depends on the excitement phase of sexual intercourse initiation. The phase is nothing but an emotional response to love making the mood. People having emotional disorder may not get sexually excited and hence failing to achieve an erection.

Depression is another reason which increases the risks of Male Impotence.

Performance anxiety could possibly cause impotence since person lacks sexual confidence if he couldn’t gain an erection in the past. Some people may achieve an erection while masturbating but would fail to achieve the same when indulging in intercourse with a certain partner.

Alcohol, cocaine or amphetamines drug abuse can also be one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction.

Treatment :

There are several treatments available in the market which treat impotence in men. In fact, you may buy generic viagra online at affordable cost. Generic viagra 100mg and Forzest 20mg are examples of medications which can be a great solution to the erectile dysfunction.




Erectile Dysfunction Generic Viagra

Male ImpotenceInability to obtain an erection not only affects the man in a relationship, but as well the woman. Although impotence is a major issue faced by men, the dissatisfaction as well extends to their partner. Researchers have revealed that most of the strained relationships due to sexual issues were due to ED, and many a times, it as well had emotional repercussion on the female in the intimacy. It is not a surprise the females may encourage their male partners to buy forzest online to retain erection, or at least seek a treatment for their erectile problems, than keep suffering from ED.

Can Erectile Dysfunction Women as well?

As much as ED may emotionally and physically drain out a man, it can stress females as well. Physicians say that many females approach them over anxiety and worry of their deteriorating sexual life, complaining how their husband is not able to get erect for intercourse. A number of females blame themselves for the condition, thinking it could be their fault or something, which they did to put off a man. However, erectile dysfunction is a medical condition, which can be treated effective with Forzest 20mg pills, and surgery, if needed.

Although the cause to impotence can be psychological, resulting from strained relationships or personal problems with the partner, however the major reason for such an issue is almost always physical conditions. Men with vascular illnesses, cardiovascular disorder, very high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, erratic lifestyle, chain smoker are prone to ED. This means, the female in relationship may not be at fault for the man’s sexual issue at all. If the problem remains hidden, not discussed, or untreated, it can be wreck havoc for the women too.

How a woman may respond to male impotence?

What woman experiences over her man’s ED is completely different than what the male may go through. Often these women may as well have episodes of impotence due to lack of interest in intercourse or anxiety, excessive panic, or worry over continuous failed performance on bed. They may try hard enough to be alluring and appealing to the man. However failed attempts of getting him erect may further worsen the matter by putting excessive emotional pressure on her.

Such scenarios can mar a relationship, stress relationships, and create misunderstandings between the couple, not to mention instances of infidelity. Thus, it is vital that couple remain true to each other and talk out about any ongoing sexual problems. This will help to meet a successful remedy to ED or can purchase forzest 20mg online, and keep the bond between man and woman healthy. Experts say that along with medicines, if men control their diet, exercise regularly, and cut back on mental stress, then their sexual performance can improve.

How Men can set their Erectile Function is Right?

Men can beat out impotence with pills easily, which are PDE5 inhibitor, FDA approved for erectile dysfunction. They can buy forzest 20mg online, and say goodbye to erectile dysfunction for at least 4-6 hours, as the drugs grants strong erection for that much duration. Furthermore, these pills are not expensive compared to surgeries and work quickly. These work by increasing blood circulation to penile organ, and eradicating limpness causing PDE5 enzymes by producing greater nitric oxide and cGMP enzymes.

The best way to cope with ED is to address the problem as early as possible. If it is affecting the female also, then both of them must approach for couple therapy, while men can continue using Forzest drugs for getting penile erections, until any other required treatment is required. Other methods to get hard are to try means of increasing sexual stimulation by utilization of vacuum device, foreplay, aphrodisiacs, or if required penile implants and resultant medication remedy.

Erectile Dysfunction Generic Viagra

Generic ViagraErectile Dysfunction is a fearful factor in any man’s life as it may ruin the relationship. However, the disorder is not uncommon and it is treatable with many solutions available. Generic Viagra is one of the medications that help treat erection issues in men. It contains sildenafil citrate, an ingredient that causes sustainable erection of male reproductive organ.

We’ll see a few more facts that you need to know before you choose to get a Generic Viagra medication.

  1. Generic Viagra increases blood flow to the penis

The blood flow gets increased to the penis when you use generic viagra. It ultimately leads to erection of the penile organ.However, it will have effect only when the user feels sexually aroused.

       2. Generic Viagra is taken on demand

One of the beneficial things about generic viagra 100mg pills is that you don’t have to be on a regular medication to treat your ED. You take the generic tablet before you plan to indulge in lovemaking. It hardly takes 30-40 minutes to start showing its effects.

      3. It is equivalent to the branded drugs with a much lesser price

The effectiveness of generic viagra is similar to the effect you would find in branded version. The only difference is the price. This is because – the branded drug charge for its research and holds a patent for its effectivity. Nevertheless, the patent has been expired and hence you would the generic version of this drug in form of generic viagra.

      4. Generic Viagra is one of the most counterfeited drugs in the world

Generic Viagra is one of the most used pills worldwide. The popularity began with the proven effectual experience in men.

      5. Viagra does have side effects

As you would find the case of any other medication, Generic Viagra does have adverse effects, having said that, not all men experience these side effects. Also, The side effects are temporary and do not require any medication unless the case an extreme one. The typically found side effects are a headache, stomach upset, facial flushing, muscle aches, chest pain. Rare cases involve blur vision or bleeding while passing urine or nose bleeding.

     6. Viagra comes in a variety of dosages

Generic Viagra tablets come in different dosages including 25mg, 50mg, and 100 mg. Usually, the doctor advises the suitable dosage for you. However, if you take a lower generic viagra and it does not work, you may take a higher dosage for better effectiveness, otherwise, your doctor can adjust the dosage as per the requirement of your body type.

Anti Erectile description is a kind of a drug that can help men to regain the lost sexual confidence because of their impotence. A few simple steps and you’re free from the stress of erection and other related issues and this has made generic viagra one the of the most used ED medications in the world.


Erectile Dysfunction Generic Viagra

Erectile DysfunctionWhat could devastate a man the most? Financial problem, divorce, workplace stress or? Perhaps, the answer is a sexual disorder known as erectile dysfunction (ED). It is a problem millions of men encounter due to cardiac issues, poor vascular function, diabetes, sedentary lifestyle etc. If a man cannot get ‘it’ erect on bed, he may be pretty embarrassed or definitely unsatisfied with the sexual encounter, similar to his partner.

Fortunately, men are able to talk about ED more openly given healthcare facilities and treatment options, one of the most commonly chosen and popular, Generic Viagra tablets. These are oral PDE5 inhibitors supplying penile vessels with healthy amount of blood to bring up erection for 4 to 6 hours. The regimen involves boosting of nitric oxide and cGMP enzyme to promote erectile function.

What are Generic Viagra and Viagra?

As discussed, erectile dysfunction is not a medication condition in closet anymore. The sexual disorder treatments have been studies, researched to put forward best options to men in fighting impotence. One of such breakthroughs was Viagra pill, which is patented by Pfizer Inc., so that none other company can reproduce the drug till the patent lasts. When the patent ends, pharmaceuticals are free to produce Viagra under different names. We now have generic versions of the ED drug, named as Generic Viagra, which contains similar active ingredient, Sildenafil Citrate.

It may differ a bit in inactive ingredients, and product formulation, shape, size, color etc. but does the same work of treating impotence. The medicine is not branded, but is much cheaper in cost than branded Viagra, and is accessible to men around the world on online purchase. People can buy cheap Generic Viagra, because they have all the prior research work available due to Pfizer, and do not have to invest in marketing or sales strategies.

Who can take ED Pill?

Every man who is above 18 years of age is capable of purchasing ED medicine. However, he must not be allergic to Generic Viagra or have cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, liver/kidney disorders apart from contradicting health issues. Even if the man is healthy, and does not possess the mentioned illnesses/disorders etc. he should use the pill not for recreation, but only as treatment to erectile dysfunction.

Is the Medicine Effective?

A lot many trials on the ED drug have revealed the medicine is 100 percent effective. Only rarely can it fail, due to unsuitable use, patient’s health disorders, overdose or other factors. 4 out of every 5 men are believed to get complete erection on consuming Generic Viagra. The unpatented version of Pfizer drug became popular not only because of the inexpensive cost but also because it gave required benefits to the users, who are eagerly getting more of the product to treat impotence.

What is the Suggested Dosage?

Not every man will have similar requirement of anti-ED medicine. Depending upon his health, the doctor can prescribe an appropriate dose. But, commonly, a person is prescribed Generic Viagra 100mg tablet, if the impotence is consistent, and the individual is in good health. For others, the physician can recommend a lower dose of either 25mg or 50mg pill. Gradually, there could be an alteration in the dose as per requirement. The tablet is taken an hour ago from getting sexually active. The man gulps the pill with water, and gets erection in 45 minutes or less for 4 to 6 hours.

What are the Side Effects?

Anti-impotence tablets may give rise to few tolerable side effects for some users. However, the effects are not problematic and not affect the capacity of getting a hard on during sexual intercourse. Some of the possible side effects are headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, nose congestion, tiredness, drowsiness, facial flushing etc. If faced with allergy or other complications, the person must be rushed to immediate healthcare facility.

Erectile Dysfunction Generic Viagra

generic vs brand drugsThere are different types of medications available in the market. What we constantly come across are the terms generic drugs and brand drugs. What is the difference between the two? A generic drug is lower cost to its branded counterpart, but chemically composed of the same active ingredients, perhaps with some variations in the components.

Most of the unpatented or generic medications cost 30 to 80 percent cheaper than the patented ones. A brand name medicine is more costly because the manufacturer spends a lot of resources in inventing it, and expends on marketing, promoting and distributing the same.

What is a Patent for Branded Drugs?

When a brand drug gets patent, no other manufacturer can launch a medication, which is same in its product (color, size, shape etc.) and brand characteristics, and when the patent expires, another manufacturer can request for the patent rights. Thus a patent right for a brand is enjoys complete control over the drug for a decade or more, while the generics may be manufactured and marketed when the brand patent dies or an equivalent product is legalized by the FDA to be used by the patients.

How safe are the Generic Medications?

If a pharmaceutical actually claims of launching a generic version to drug, then the medicine must match the exact standards of the brand’s safety, quality, and working ability. Most of the unpatented medicines from reputable manufacturers are harmless, and good for use.

What the Generic and Brand Drugs have in Common?

Normally, as discussed, the generic versions must possess the same active components as the brand-name medicine, and is similar in dosage, efficacy, safety, strength, quality, usage directions, intended use, and performance.

What is the Difference in Costing?

While a brand name drug can cost hundreds of dollars, the generic may cost only a few. Different branded and its generics vary in cost, but huge difference is amounted for the unpatented medicines. As per the National Association of Chain Drug Stores 2008 data, the branded medication priced at $137.90 was against $35.22 to its generic competitor. The huge saving on price also helps save on co-payment.

How long it Take for Both Type of Medicines to Work?

It must take about the same duration for both branded and generic drugs to work. Customers must be aware that any claimers of a product working too fast than the patented medication must be double-checked for reliability and efficacy before purchase.

Which Medications is Strong (Generic vs. Branded)?

The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) needs the generics to posses the same quality, purity, strength, stability as like the branded counterparts. The unpatented medicines are tested to assure their ingredients and performance does meet FDA’s standards to equate with patented medicines.

Where is the Medicines Manufactured?

Branded and generic drugs are manufactured at their respective facilities. However, the FDA does not permit medicines to be produced in substandard facilities. It performs around 3,500 inspections every year to regulate the manufacturing plant, and standard safety/hygiene etc. protocols. Sometimes a brand-name firm does produce its own generic copies to the medicines.

Which is Best, Generic or Branded Medicine?

Both the medicines as discussed are good in every essence of productivity, and efficacy. If a person cannot expend much on branded drug, then he/she can choose a generic version instead. However, before getting any of these medications, the person must confirm if it will suit his/her health, and work a plan for the treatment.

Generic Viagra

Fitness and healthcare market is ever expanding with more and more people becoming conscious about their well being. Something like erectile dysfunction (ED) too, which is inability of the affected man to get erection, is now treatable, and can be openly discussed with doctor. Thankfully, medical science has advanced enough that non-invasive, surgical and other therapies are here to solve the problem of weak erections. One of the popular anti-impotence medicines available is Generic Viagra OTC, which meets demands of men wishing to get rid of ED effectively.

Consumers can purchase ED drugs from internet pharmacies at best lowest price. The tablet is categorized as a PDE5 inhibitor taken orally, and suitable for every age-group men. It is easy to access Generic Viagra 100mg tablets from, as many manufacturers are now providing the tablets to the doorstep. Users can experience hard erection for 4 to 6 hours after taking the medicine. Treating impotence is now just a matter of popping in a pill.

Information on Erectile Dysfunction

Male impotence, as discussed is a health condition affecting penile system. When a person is aroused, he is not able to achieve or maintain a hard on given different reasons. Prominent causes of impotence include low levels of testosterone hormone, obesity, diabetes, spinal cord or reproductive organ injury, high blood pressure, Peyronie’s disease, cardiovascular disorder, mental illness etc. Erectile dysfunction may also happen from excessive drinking of alcohol, smoking, and atherosclerosis. Vascular and neurological illnesses often lead to this condition.

  • As vascular health comprises of normal functioning of blood vessels and arteries, it is very important for maintenance of erectile system. On arousal, the corpus cavernosum chamber in phallus fills with blood when the penile organ arteries dilate. If the arteries do not dilate, then erection is either mild or not present.
  • Men taking Generic Viagra tablets can comfortably overcome vascular problem. The medicine is functioned to expand penile blood vessels, and stabilizing other erectile system requirements to fight impotence.

Buy Generic Viagra for Safe ED Cure

Let us discuss how erection takes place to understand what impotence does to male reproductive organ, and how Viagra Generic pills treats ED. Hard on is related to expansion of penile arteries when the person is sexually stimulated, which causes increased blood supply to penile chambers. The blood circulation helps hike production of neural messenger called nitric oxide, which gives rise to cGMP enzyme.

  • It is the cGMP enzyme (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) that plays major role in forming a hard on. The enzyme binds over PDE5 enzyme, and restricts its presence in male reproductive system, enabling greater blood flow, and arousal to stimulate an erection.
  • The PDE5 enzymes actually are incremental in shrinking a hard on to fragile state. But, when in excess during arousal, it inhibits erection causing impotence.
  • The medication relaxes penile organ’s smooth corpora cavernosa tissues and muscles, and enlarges the male reproductive organ by providing it with blood. The erection can remain alive for 4 to 6 hours, making it pleasurable for men to take part in sexual intercourse blissfully.

Generic Viagra 100mg Consumption Details

Users of anti-ED tablets are recommended to ingest Viagra Generic 100mg medicine orally with water without powdering or breaking the product. The pill is used an hour before the intercourse, and the medicine works within 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Men can consume the product after a fatless meal or also on empty stomach. There are several dosages available for the medicine such as 25mg, 50mg and 100m. Men must maintain at least 24 hours interval between the dosages.

Side Effects of Generic Viagra

Men can easily tolerate anti-ED pill. However, for some it may bring some mild side effects, which also fade away in a while. The medication may cause nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, tiredness, nose block, face flushing, blurred vision etc. Users are requested to understand all the consequences and precautions to the tablet, before proceeding to Generic Viagra.

Warnings, Precautions, Drug Interactions

There are some warnings to impotence tablets which involve restriction on smoking, overdose, and alcohol, as these interfere with Generic Viagra working. Overdose can lead to painful erections, breathing problems, nose bleed, chest pain etc. The person taking the tablet must not have allergy to the product’s contents, otherwise he may be vulnerable to skin and mouth irritation.

  • Using ED medications with nitrates can lower blood pressure dangerously. Other interactions are grapefruit juice, nitroprusside, erythromycin, mibefradil, rifamycins, azole anti-fungals, alpha blockers, ritonavir, glyceryl trinitrate, and medicines for HIV/AIDS, heart and prostate diseases.
  • Avoid operating machines, and driving vehicles as the medicine can probably cause dizziness. Do not share the tablets with women, children, or utilize the same for recreation.
  • Store the pills in dry and cool area, which is rid of moisture and direct sunlight exposure. Those with diabetes, kidney/liver disorders, high blood pressure, cardiac diseases, stroke etc. must not take impotence medications.

Erectile Dysfunction Generic Viagra