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Silagra contains FDA approved components that treat erectile dysfunction (ED). Men with impotence find it difficult to get erection. Some may not get a hard on, while others may only receive mild erection. On regular and recommended use of anti-ED pills, males can easily overcome impotence in 40 to 45 minutes. The drug is PDE-5 vasodilator, taken orally with effect time up to 4 to 6 hours of hard on. It allows a stronger blood circulation to male reproductive organ, enabling erection. However, does not act as aphrodisiac, and must be taken only as dosage advised.

The advantages of using anti-impotence pills are that these are inexpensive compared to other counterpart treatments. Being FDA certified Silagra scores high in efficacy and quality. The medication has been tried by millions of people, who experienced enhancement in their sexual prowess after using the product. It is a readymade solution for male impotence, so the user does not have to depend on invasive therapies or other sexual supplements. No regular dose required, take it only few minutes before intercourse.

Silagra - 100mg

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Silagra - Working Mechanism

Silagra becomes active in 30 to 45 minutes from consumption, staying effective for around 4 to 6 hours. It dilates blood vessels in penile organ, allowing more blood to flow in the male reproductive system. This is when erection happens, which remains hard for satisfying sexual activity. The medicine works if the user is sexually stimulated, and not otherwise.

  • Once the blood supplements erectile muscles and tissues, the penile organ relaxes. The medicine retards PDE5 enzyme (restricts blood circulation). By increasing nitric oxide, Silagra help chemical response needed to sustain erection.
  • Also, the PDE5 enzyme catalyzing cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP enzyme) boosts in reproductive system, enabling firm hard on. The corpora cavernosa tissue after relaxing with effect of blood circulation enhances erection to stay hard for a long duration.

Silagra - Dosage

For best results, take Silagra 100mg orally with water, an hour ago from getting intimate. Overdose must be avoided, as it can cause health problems. The medicine works within 40 to 45 minutes, after which, the erection occurs for 4 to 6 hours. The advisable dose is only a tablet in 24 hours. Anti-ED pill can be consumed after a meal, which should be devoid of fatty food items and alcohol. Men can take the tablet on empty stomach as well.

Silagra - Side Effects

Due to artery dilation and other mechanisms of Silagra tablets, the user can experience few side effects. The common experiences are headache, vomiting, nausea, nasal congestion, tiredness, face flushing, blue tint in vision, drowsiness etc. These effects do not affect all, and cease away quickly.

Silagra - Precautions

  • Men having health conditions related to kidney, liver, heart, metabolism, or allergy to PDE5 inhibitors must not take Silagra. Do not share the medicine with non-users, especially women and children.
  • Avoid including fatty meals and alcohol with Silagra pills, otherwise medication working will be interfered due to impact on nervous system. Overdose is to be ignored, or it may increase risks to severe side effects.
  • Visit a doctor on following complications soon: unusual heartbeat, burning sensation on passing urine, painful erection, and blood in urine, bleeding from nose, unconsciousness, allergic reaction (swelling, redness, and irritation in throat/mouth/skin), chest pain, and tingling sensation in jaw/arms.


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